Brief info








Nickname: Nic

On court position?


How long have you been a burra for?

– Maybe 4 years?

Toughest opponent?

– Giant from Olinda, is her name Nicki too??

If you went on a netty trip with the Burras, who’s the last girl you would want to room with and why?

– Snoring bear Toy…just kidding, she’s the only one who will put up with my white noise

What’s your greatest personal achievement in netball?

– B&F

If you were to star in a tv show/movie, what would it be?

– No idea

Something your coach always says?

– ‘The grass is pink’

Funniest story/thing you have seen at the burras?

– Haley leaving her fake tan behind on the court

Best performer at functions?

– Court Irwin, likes to get shit started!!

If you could have lunch with 3 people who have been apart of the club, who would it be?

– Same as Brookey, old ladies stick together

Team mate with worst music taste?

– Bianca Daniels who doesn’t appreciate Triple J

Favourite memory at the burras?

– Love all the laughs we have, too many to pick one xx