Seniors Coach - James Iacono
WARBURTON – MILLGROVE FNC would like to announce James Iacono as Head Football coach for 2022!
IACONO will be taking over the reigns as senior coach for next season. We are excited too have Junior on board, he is a proven performer as a coach and player and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to the club.
We can not wait to start 2022 and see what Junior brings to the club! We appreciate and thank Junior, J’amie and family for their commitment to the club in previous and future times! We can not wait to see you in action and we are positive that you will give your all.
Congrats to Junior on his appointment and we wish him all the best for the season ahead!
Reserves Coach - Nic Toy
WARBURTON – MILLGROVE FNC is excited to announce that Nic Toy will be the Reserves coach for 2022!
Going into another season and finishing the previous as minor premiers, Nic is ready to tackle 2022 and hopefully continue from where they ended.
The reserves had a great 2021 with only 1 loss. With what could have been an exciting final series for Nic and his boys, they are ready to take on the unfinished business that was 2021.
We’re thankful for all that Nic, Haley and family have done for the club and their continuing efforts on and off field!
Toy is a great leader to our younger and upcoming group and continue to guide our footballers into a driven squad.
We wish Nic, and his family all the best for the upcoming year and we can not wait to see what you do and bring for 2022!
Under 18's Coach - Dave Swankie
WARBURTON – MILLGROVE FNC is excited to announce Dave Swankie as Under 19’s coach for 2022!
We’re keen to have Swankie on board for another season. Working alongside Junior & Nic, we are sure this trio will being the best out of playing group on & off field!
Swanks has a great range of experience and knowledge and we are sure that he will have a great impact on our young and upcoming boys!
Interested in putting on the burra jumper in the 19’s side for 2022? Contact Chris Read on 0408 178 412 or Dave Swankie on 0427 104 885 for more information. Or message our page!
Thanks for your commitment to the burras, Swanks. We’re excited to see where these young and talented boys go!
A & B Grade Coach - Nat Petrucev
WARBURTON – MILLGROVE is excited to announce, Natalia Petrucev, as our HEAD COACH for Season 2022!
Nat, first came to the club in 2015, playing in both the A & B grades. She won B&F in 2016, before having 2017 off due to her first knee reconstruction.
She then placed runners up for A grade in 2018 & 2019.
Her 2021 season was cut short after she injured her knee again in the second round. Even despite her knee injuries, Nat was always found on the sideline of the A grade games, assisting the coach with anything they needed.
Nat has had an abundance of experience, coaching her mid week team for many years, including a premiership!
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Courtney Lever for her efforts as head coach for the past couple of years! Courtney will still be a burra, just stepping aside from Head Coach!
We are very excited to have Nat on board as head coach and can’t wait to see what she can do in 2022!
C Grade Coach - Selina Fotia
WARBURTON – MILLGROVE FNC is pleased to announce Selina Fotia as the C GRADE coach for 2022!
Selina has been with the Burras since 2017, after winning an A grade premiership with Seville FNC in 2016.
She has placed in the A Grade top 3 for Best and Fairest every year since joining the club, winning the top award in 2018!
Selina has had success coaching Lilydale FNC for 5 years and coached them to a Division 1 premiership in 2017!
We are very excited to have Selina take on our C grade team and can’t wait to see what success they have in 2022!
D Grade Coach - Leah Ashton
We’re excited to announce that Leah will be back again for 2022, taking on our D GRADE!
Leah had a hugely successful season in 2021 with our C grade finishing 2nd and D Grade finishing 4th on the ladder, and she is looking to continue improving our D grade next season.
We are so excited to have Leah on board again next year