Grand Final Day 2022


Coming into the morning there was a lot of nerves but also a lot excitement buzzing around. It’s a first in our history that we had 8 teams in finals. 6 made it all the way. 6 bought it home. 

We started the morning with D Grade, this was set to be a tough challenge. Powelltown were an experienced team. We started off shaking, but I guess that was all grand final nerves. This feeling is different and something new for our D Grade girls. The managed to get a few quick goals back and were up at qtr time 7-3. The momentum was good, even within the first 10 minutes. They got a good jump in the second quarter being 16-6 at half time. They didn’t look like stepping off the pedal. They kept the same gab at 3 quarter time. They felt comfortable but 10 minutes of net all is still a lot. Finals is different game. They kept it all together and nerves calmed whilst excitement built as an GK Nicole Winzer, heard ‘1 Minute left’, whilst being 12 goals up. Siren sounded and the D Grade were PREMIER’S. Nicole Winzer was awarded ‘Best on Court’ for the game and the girls celebrated in style. Well done girls.  

 Good start to the morning. Under 17’s were up next in another tough battle about to be had. They beat rivals Powelltown in final 1. Knocked off top of the table Broadford in the Prelim, now it was Alexandra to secure the title. Strong start but couldn’t convert, like the previous game, lots of nerves built up and clumsiness took over. A few goals slotted and the ease came in. Alexandra were a tall experienced team, but we applied pressure and remained calm and secured a 5-2 lead at the first break. Half time came and saw us with a 2 goal lead. Minor changes occurred, and they team went back out and had another crack in the second half. 3 quarter time and they were 3 goals up, they were getting excited after the first 3 quarters, but there was still a long way to go. Alexandra secured a few goals, as did we, but the nerves kicked in again and started making clumsy  mistakes. But nonetheless, we controlled the ball when needed and secured a 20-16 victory. Lucas Rush was awarded ‘Best on Court’ and the team was definitely excited.  

2 from 2 wins so far this morning and the excitement was high. C Grade took the court next. Even though the last win they had against Powelltown was 53-21, it was going to be a completely different ball game. As the game started, it for sure was completely different. They were down by a goal at quarter time. But managed to turn it around to be up by a goal at quarter time. Nerves were still rolling through as Powelltown were coming out strong. They secured a few more goal in the 3rd to have a 4 goal lead at 3 quarter time. I still is close as 12 minutes of netball was still to be played. A tough quarter was to be played but they held onto it and secured a 2 goal win. Ellie Stahl was awarded Best on Court. Congrats all!  

3 more flags secured for the club and it was now onto the football. Reserves were going up against Kinglake. The was going to be another tough match. The quarter time scoreboard saw Kinglake 1 point up. The team regrouped and sent it back out into the second quarter. A couple more goals kicked in the second quarter saw the team 11 points up at half time. 1 half down and 1 more to go. They rolled into the 3 term strong. Good defence mixed with the forwards securing a couple of more goals saw the team 5.8-38 to 2.5-17 at 3 qtr time. The last quarter Kinglake came out strong but we matched it and kept the lead going. The anticipation was building but Kinglake was still playing their game, we secured a couple of end goals that made us feel more comfortable and the nerves drifted and turned into excitement. The win was secured and the premiership was ours. Shannon Noonan was awarded Best on Ground. Congrats to the boys on bringing home the title, enjoy the celebrations.  

So far, all games were won and 4 premierships were ours. A Grade was left to play and again, was set to be a tough match for the girls. Broadford started strong and got a small jump within the first few mins. But the girls soon let go of the nerves and bought it back shortly after. They were up by 1 goal at quarter time and stretched it out to be 5 goals up at half time. Some changes into the 3rd quarter with some fresh legs saw the girls continue into the second half strongly. The gaolers were on fire with their shots and the defence and mid court was strong. A good lead at 3 qtr time and they were up 26-32 at the last break. They kept calm and took it home, overrunning Broadford by 15 goals. ALL FLAGS WERE SECURED. The Burras took home 6 premierships this year and winning all games in the grand final. Shae Gee secured the Best on Court medal.

UNDER 18”s: 7/8/22

The following day was a big day for our club. Our Under 18’s were playing off for the premiership title. Our last premiership flag for the club was 2011, which was one by our Reserves footy. Our last Under 18’s flag was in 2008 (our last junior flag prior was 27 years before), won by Shawn Andueza, Jackson Jones and Kris Hall, just to name a few. Co-Captain’s Ziggy Kneebone and Josh Sharp lead their team out to take on a strong Kinglake. A strong and physical match was ahead with Kinglake having 4-1 wins against us. The Burras came out strong kicking 3.4 to Kinglake 1.2 by the end of the first term. The energy was good, they knew it was going to be a tough match and were prepared for the next 3 quarters of footy. Coach Dave Swankie had prepped this team all week, they knew what they were coming up against and took every strategy they could to get the win. By half time, the boys were 20 points up, but there as no time or take the foot off the pedal. This second half was crucial, Kinglake are a strong skilled team. Top aged boys too. Our Under are 65% Wesburn juniors who are still eligible to play Junior footy, majority still playing Sundays too. But we proved that age doesn’t mean much, skills and strength from start to finish is what gets you over the line. A team from round 1, we were unsure if we would be able to take the field against Alexandra for their first game, as we had no numbers. To having 27 players on our list by the time the season ended.

Our 20 point gap remained by 3 quarter time. Last quarter of footy, crucial that the boys keep their feet, and focus on the footy. Despite the surroundings of the crowd, the momentum and the feeling that was going to evolve in the last 20 mins fo match play, the boys stayed cool, calm and collected. Showed great composure and even better discipline. 5 goals were kicked in the last quarter by the Burras to Kinglake’s 1. The final siren sounded and we were PREMIERS. 5.8-38 to 12.10-82 was the final score with Bailey Humphrey kicking 3 goals, Luke Anderson securing 2 as well as Aspen O’Neill. Patrick Huynh, Angus McDonald, Hudson Semple, Josh Sharp, Dylan Walker all contributed 1 goal each.

The presentation occurred, and our very own Patty Huynh was awarded Player of the Match. Tyson Henry, Tyler Bert, Zayden Crunden, Josh Sharp and Aiden Westlake were all awarded top performers too, but everyone played an amazing match.