Nickname: Mikey

How long have you been a burra for?

– 4 years

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen playing for the burras?

– The mud last year

Toughest opponent?

– Jimmy Edmonds

If you went on a footy trip with the Burras, who’s the last person you would want to room with and why?

– Jackson Blake because I wouldn’t get any sleep

What’s your greatest personal achievement in footy?

– Winning a under 18s B&F back to back

If you were to star in a tv show/movie, what would it be?

– The Simpsons

Something your coach always says?

– “When me and Nels won a premiership at Healesville”

Funniest story/thing you have seen at the burras?

– Barney commentating during training drills

Best performer at functions?

– Shawny Andueza

Funniest story/thing you have seen at the burras?

– My first senior game at Upwey someone called me Ronald McDonald and said that I was late for my shift at Maccas

If you could have lunch with 3 people who have been apart of the club, who would it be?

– Jeremy Crunden, Puddles Purdie and Mick Walker

Team mate with worst music taste?

– Patty Hay

Favourite memory at the burras?

– Beating Mt Evelyn by a point last year at home