Seniors Ruck
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Nickname: Goat

How long have you been a Burra for?

– Since end of 2018

Toughest opponent?

– Robbie Ross (Wandin)

If you went on a footy trip with the Burras, who’s the last bloke you would want to room with and why?

– Probably Tommy and Shawny

What’s your greatest personal achievement in football?

– 2019 Best & Fairest

If you were to star in a tv show/movie, what would it be?

– Lord of the Rings

Something your coach always says?

-‘When Nels and I won the Premiership at Healesville’

Funniest story/thing you have seen at the burras?

– I went into a contest and so did Tim, I elbowed him in the nose and he’s nose started bleeding. Barney thought it was the opposition so he started pushing and shoving and getting into them. I let it go as the Monbulk boys looked confused about what’s happening, I then later after the game told Barney it was really me and the rest is history!

Best performer at functions?

– Shawn Andueza

Favourite sledge/thing you’ve heard from the sidelines?

– Noonan telling a player lining up for goal from one of the new outer east teams that he has a terrible record and has never kicked a goal here

If you could have lunch with 3 people who have been apart of the club, who would it be?

  • Tim Mckail
  • Liam Barnard
  • Jeremy Crunden

(Crunden club ;))

Team mate with worst music taste?

– Anyone on the team who listens to country

Favourite memory at the burras?

– Mt Evelyn win to see what it meant to the club was an unbelievable feeling.