Mid Court







Nickname: Sel

On court position:

– Centre

How long have you been a burra for:

– This is my 5th year

Toughest opponent:

– I have no idea who anyone’s name is

If you went on a netty trip with the Burras, who’s the last girl you would want to room with and why:

– Nat – I’m scared she’d hurt me hahah

What’s your greatest personal achievement in netball:

– too many to choose from, both on and off court!

If you were to star in a tv show/movie, what would it be:

– Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Something your coach always says:

– “Selina, what was that?!”

Funniest story/thing you have seen at the burras:

– Chelsea Barnard revving us up before any game

Best performer at functions:

– Mel Hancock

If you could have lunch with 3 people who have been apart of the club, who would it be:  Kirralee Luiyf, Grace and Chelsea Barnard!

Team mate with worst music taste:

– Nat!

Favourite memory at the burras:

– Beating Pakenham last year in the prelim final, such a good feeling!