Seniors Midfield







Nickname: Tommy/Marrie

How long have you been a burra for?

-As long as I can remember

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen playing for the burras?

-playing a game at home last year when the ground was 12 inches deep of mud across the whole surface, no one could move or kick. Wasn’t enjoyable at the time but it’s funny now

Toughest opponent?

-Not really sure, Hayden Smith (Woori) always went hard, or Liam Daly (h’ville) layed a few hard tackles on me.

If you went on a footy trip with the Burras, who’s the last bloke you would want to room with and why?

-Wouldn’t bother me too much I don’t spend a lot of time in the room on trip

What’s your greatest personal achievement in football?

-Haven’t done much, maybe it hasn’t come yet.

If you were to star in a tv show/movie, what would it be?

-The hangover

Something your coach always says?

-“the premiership at Healesville” and fair enough too.

Funniest story/thing you have seen at the burras?

-A couple of blokes who I won’t name, rocking up to Silly Sunday with a live goat on a pink leash a few years back. Or Bozo getting hypnotised.

Best performer at functions?

Shawny “pest” Andueza

Favourite sledge/thing you’ve heard from the sidelines?

-Can’t think of any from the sidelines but Shannon Noonan always comes out with great content on field. “Your mum wears army boots” or “where’s the lasagne”

If you could have lunch with 3 people who have been apart of the club, who would it be?

Hard to pick just 3

-Ralph Story

-Mark Tucker

-Harold Hetherton 

-Mick walker (the goat)

Team mate with worst music taste?

-Probably me

Favourite memory at the burras?

– A lot to choose from but the burras kicking the winning goal in the final minute of Mick walkers 400th game is something I won’t forget.